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About me

I have a wide experience working with client issues, whether that be a job loss, a separation, a troubled relationship, men's issues, a bereavement.  I specialise in working with adults one-to-one in Hove and Lewes in East Sussex.

My background in counselling is based on the 'integrative' training I studied in London (Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma at CPPD).  At the heart of this approach are two foundational beliefs: that the needs and humanity of each client are the core of therapy (‘humanistic’) and that the past often has a significant influence on how you live your life today (‘psychodynamic’).  This integrative approach also enables me to flexibly tailor how I work to the specific needs of each individual client.  

Counselling or psychotherapy can also be seen as a means of reviewing and coming to understand our own story, especially when that story doesn’t seem to be working for us any more.  Clients often find, when they look at this 'self-narrative' for perhaps the first time, that it was created a long time ago, often in childhood.  This process can not only provide an understanding of why they behave the way they do but vitally enables them to reconnect with who they believe they are now.  This aspect of my practice is informed in part by an MA in creative writing and having studied psychodynamic and narrative theory.
I've also studied and worked with loss and bereavement, helping people work through this often difficult process, with the aim of arriving at a more stable and accepting place.  This often involves finding a renewed sense of meaning. 

Working together, we would aim to understand the problems which trouble you and how these have been driven by underlying issues.  This will enable you to live with more self-knowledge and thereby discover how to bring about the positive change you seek.

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How I see therapy

I see therapy as offering clients a confidential space to step aside from everyday life where we explore difficulties together with curiosity and compassion. 

Through this process, you gain insight into your emotional reactions and behavioural patterns - such as getting angry, frustrated, scared, withdrawing or self-criticising - as you begin to build a new self-awareness.  

Or if your concern is the loss of meaning or creativity, we'll come to understand this loss and its impact on you, as we uncover what is important to you now and find new ways of reconnecting.


These new ways of understanding and responding to previously difficult issues or relationships aim to enable you to live more fully and meaningfully.

"Thad was instrumental in helping me understand myself, come to terms with what I discovered and then build a stronger mental foundation, which has allowed me to move forward in my life as a more confident and self-aware person."

Let's talk

Lewes, East Sussex, BN7

Hove, East Sussex, BN3

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