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We are biologically programmed to be ‘social’ animals.  This means that we need other humans just like we need food and water.  If you are struggling with your close relationships it is only natural that your life and well-being could be suffering.  Relationship issues can happen in any area of life: with partners, parents, siblings, friends, work. It is also true that struggling with other issues in your life - such as work - can negatively impact your close relationships.  This can mean the loss of emotional support from a loved one when you need them most.  You have your own unique background, established behaviours and way of relating to others.  By talking about the difficulties you experience in key relationships individual counselling can help you understand your historic relational patterns and see ways of making change to make them more fulfilling moving forward.

"Thad was instrumental in helping me understand myself, come to terms with what I discovered and then build a stronger mental foundation, which has allowed me to move forward in my life as a more confident and self-aware person."

The first step is for us to have a chat.  I offer a 30 minute free phone consultation where we'll discuss what issue brings you to therapy, I can answer any questions you may have and you'll get a sense if working with me feels right.  We'll then discuss possible options moving forwards.

Free phone consultation

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